The Story

The zest for bringing quality dates to people made us launch our first store in 2006 in Dubai. Within no time, we were able to scale our brand from a single store to a major wholesaler in the UAE. Today, we handle nearly 30,000 metric ton dates monthly, catering to top retailer outlets across the world.

Amal Al Khair leads the industry with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Sourcing the best dates and strictly controlling quality helps them rise above the rest and become a king in the dates industry.

From the world to you

We source premium quality dates of different varieties from top dates-growing countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Egypt, United States, Tunisia, Jordan & Palestine.

The Goodness of Dates

Palm dates, often simply referred to as "dates," offer a delicious combination of chewiness and candy-like sweetness. These fruits have long been valued for their ability to provide energy and sustenance, earning them nicknames such as the "bread of the desert". We strive to bring the finest quality dates to you with all their nutritional value intact.

Ensuring Quality and Freshness

At Amal Al Khair, the process of sourcing and packaging dates is handled with care to ensure the highest quality and freshness for their customers. The dates are sourced from the best date palm groves in the Middle East, hand-picked at peak ripeness, and carefully packaged to preserve their freshness and nutrition. The packaging materials are designed to protect the dates during shipping and maintain high hygiene standards. The company's strict quality control process further guarantees that only the best dates reach the customer.

With a focus on both quality and freshness, Amal Al Khair sets the bar high in the industry of dates.

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