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Farm fresh

Sourced directly from top date farms across the globe.


No added preservatives to ensure top-notch quality.

100+ Varieties

Wide varieties of dates are available to suit your choices.

100% Healthy

Dates rich in nutrition hand-picked by expert farmers.

Our Products


Known for their delightful taste, Safawi dates from Saudi Arabia offer a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor, making them a favorite among date connoisseurs.


Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Mabroom dates boast exceptional sweetness, captivating taste, and a soft texture, making them a delectable treat for all.

Ajwa dates 1 kg packet


A true specialty from Saudi Arabia, Ajwa dates hold a special place due to their unique flavor profile and historical significance, making them a cherished choice.


With their distinct two colors, Sagai dates from Saudi Arabia intrigue with both appearance and taste, offering a delightful experience to date enthusiasts.


Hailing from Iraq, Zahdi dates have earned fame for their exceptional quality, satisfying taste, and appealing texture, making them a delightful choice for date lovers.


Renowned for their large size and natural sweetness, Medjool dates are a succulent delight. Originating from Morocco, they captivate with their soft and chewy texture, making them a luscious and healthy treat.


From Saudi Arabia, Mabroom dates entice with their rich, caramel-like sweetness. Their elongated shape and glossy appearance add to their allure, while their tender flesh ensures a delightful indulgence.


Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Safawi dates boast a pleasingly sticky texture and a sweet, caramel taste. Their medium size and unique flavor profile make them a popular choice among date enthusiasts.


These golden delights from Saudi Arabia are cherished for their softness and mild sweetness. Sufri dates offer a tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience, perfect for satisfying cravings.


With a blend of light and dark hues, Sagai dates from Saudi Arabia are visually striking. Their mildly sweet taste and chewy texture make them a delightful treat for date lovers.

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